Cremation is a service we offer at Joyner’s Funeral Home. 

One of our professional Funeral Directors can assist you with all the aspects of choosing cremation for you or your loved one.

A few facts about cremation:

Cremation cannot occur until there is a signed death certificate by a doctor.

There is a 24 hour waiting period before cremation.

  • This alleviates misidentification
  • Allows time for family to reconsider, if they choose

If you choose cremation for your loved one you can still have a service.

  • You have numerous options for the final resting place
  • You can place the cremains in a special urn to display at home
  • You can bury an urn in a cemetery providing a permanent resting place where family and friends can visit.
  • You can place a portion of cremains in an urn and a portion in a columbarium niche, providing a permanent location where you can pay your respects
  • You can scatter the cremains

Urns can be placed in a MemoryCapsule vault and friends and family members can add personal keepsakes.