Family Service Guidelines

The staff of Joyner’s Funeral Home would like to thank you for placing your confidence and trust in us.  It is an honor and privilege for us to serve your family in such a difficult time.  The following will help explain all of the services we offer to our families. 

Home Equipment:  The funeral home will provide equipment for the family home including; 12 chairs, door basket, register stand with book, food registry and ice.  Any or all items may be selected.  Ice refills are available at the funeral home. 

Pallbearers:   When pallbearers are used in a service we request they be present 30 minutes prior to the service.  The staff will assist with the boutonnieres that we provide for you at that time.  Pallbearers are requested to provide their own transportation to the committal service.  If more than six pallbearers are selected please contact the funeral home.  Special pallbearer gifts are available such as ties, lapel pins and writing pens.  Please consult with your funeral director.         

Flowers:   The family will need to make arrangements with their florist for any floral needs.  A floral spray is optional for veteran families choosing a flag draped casket.  The staff will gladly move all of your flowers at the appropriate time.  Cards are removed and described prior to the service.  Potted plants will be delivered to the family home with cards attached.

Clothing:   Please arrange to have clothing delivered to the funeral home during business hours.  We request for clothing to include underclothes; however shoes are optional.

Jewelry:   We will assist you in placing jewelry.  The staff requests that a family member be present when any jewelry is removed from the casket.

Hairdresser/Beautician:  Please have your selected professional contact the funeral home to set an appointment.  Our staff can also assist you in securing a beautician if needed.

First Viewing:  You will be contacted by the funeral home to set a time for the first family viewing.

Visitations:   The funeral home requests that the family arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the visitation. 

Other Viewing times:  The funeral home welcomes the family and friends for viewing at any time during business hours.  We suggest that your family plan a private viewing the morning of the service.

Pictures:   Picture memorial boards are available.  Please let the funeral home know if you would like to have those available.

Limousine:   When a limousine is being used the day of the service it will arrive at the specified location in time to transport the family to the service.  The limousine will comfortably seat seven adults.  Please contact the funeral home if an additional limousine is requested.  When early arrival is needed contact the staff at the funeral home.

Music:   The staff can assist with any special music requests.  Please consult with the staff 24 hours prior to the service.

Cemeteries:   Some local cemeteries require the funeral home’s assistance in marking the proper grave space.  Please consult the funeral home for assistance.

Death Certificates: The funeral home will handle getting your certified death certificates.  Please consult with the funeral director on the number of death certificates that you will need.  Death certificates from other counties will take extra time for delivery.

Insurance:   The funeral home will gladly assist in filing insurance policies for your family, if we have the insurance assignment form signed by the beneficiary. Joyner’s will provide this form for the family.

Social Security:  The funeral home will send the Social Security administration the required “Statement of Death by Funeral Director” form.  An information sheet will be provided in your package from the funeral home.  You will need to contact the Social Security Office regarding any benefits.  No death certificate is required for Social Security.

Veteran Information:  The funeral home will arrange for a flag and marker for any military service, provided we have the proper military papers. We need a copy of your loved ones discharge papers, form DD214. Flags may be draped on the casket or placed in a case beside the casket.  A flag case is provided complimentary to all veteran families as a thank you for their service to our Country.

Monuments / Markers:  Please contact the funeral home to make monument / marker selections.  We serve all area cemeteries with granite, marble and bronze memorials.

Acknowledgment Cards:  We provide your family with acknowledgment cards.  Selection can be made at the funeral home.  Cards are immediately available for your convenience.  Engraved cards are available upon request at an additional cost.

Laminated Obituaries:  The funeral home will provide laminated obituaries for the immediate family.  Additional obituaries are available for purchase.   

Tents:   When the funeral home provides a tent for your service it will remain up for seven days, weather permitting.

Temporary Grave Markers:  The funeral home will place a temporary grave marker after the service if allowed by the cemetery.  This is only to mark the grave for a short while until a permanent marker can be set.

Inclement Weather:  During times of inclement weather the funeral home can assist in altering any service to better accommodate the weather.


Memorial Tributes

The staff of Joyner’s Funeral Home will gladly provide a memorial DVD tribute for your family.  The following are our guidelines for the tribute:

  • The first tribute is free. All others are $20.00 each.
  • The tribute will hold 40 – 50 photos.
  • We will need the photos eight hours prior to visitation.
  • We can add a short caption such as year, age or date to up to five photos.
  • Please consult with the funeral director if you have more than 50 photos or any special instructions or requests.

Thank you for choosing Joyner’s