PreNeed Planning Luncheons

Learn more about PreNeed Planning at one of our luncheons. You will hear from a local attorney, a clerk of court representative and a social services representative. They will give you lots of information and be available for any questions.

Sign up today by emailing Beth Liles at or calling 252-237-3197.

Tuesday, October 4 at noon

“The Benefits of PreNeed Planning”

1. It is a gift for your family and friends.
2. Flexible funding options are not offered when death occurs.
3. Allows more time with family during the time of death.
4. Prearranged funding is non-taxable, ever.
5. “Inflation-Proof” means goods and services selected will not exceed the benefits of the policy.
6. Eliminates the need to enter a casket selection room at the time of death.
7. Policy growth above the funeral price, at fulfillment, returned to family.
8. Eliminates the stress of financial decisions when a death occurs.
9. Protects assets from Medicaid.