Why Pre-Planning

Pre-Planning is a loving gift you can make for your family and survivors that provides complete peace of mind to everyone involved.

Why should you make Pre-Arrangements for your funeral?

    • you can plan together as a family, rather than alone (after the death)
    •  you help spare your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions
    • it ensures your wishes are well-documented and carried out
    • ensures all your personal documents are organized and easy for your survivors to locate
    • it helps control costs and reduces emotional overspending
    • eliminates the need to enter a casket selection room at the time of death
    • you can personalize your plan to reflect your unique personality

Did you know?
Funeral Costs are rising an average of 7% to 10% a year and you can expect prices to double every 10 years. A Fixed-Price Advantage Funeral Plan is simply a way to take care of final expenses in advance – at a fixed amount to protect yourself against all future inflation. It is an accepted practice today to include an advance funeral plan of your family estate.

We agree in writing to provide complete funeral services as specified by you any time in the future with no additional cost, regardless of inflation or rising prices. Email us at joynersobits@aol.com for more information.